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Hope for the Children Ministries Inc.
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Welcome to Hope For The Children Ministries where our mission is:

Changing the Lives of Children and Families Through Faith, Love, and Hope

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Hope for the Children Ministries is a year around Faith-Based non-profit organization that provides After School and Summer Programs, Free of Cost in a safe, positive place for youth ages 11-18 years. Our priority is At-Risk, Under Privileged and Foster teens and their families who otherwise could not afford enrichment programs like this. HFTCM offers our young people a place to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially through educational mentorship, leadership training and community involvement programs.  We encourage our young people to learn about and seek out positive choices for their futures. We also provide Family Fun Nights and family events (also Free of Cost) to help the caregivers and parents develop closer, stronger and more positive family relationships.

Building strong families and relationships through Faith, Love and Hope is a powerful way to decrease the amount of teens that are on the streets. We want to encourage our young people to pursue positive choices for their futures.



Rev. Dr. Sheila Cappalo



Encouraging creative learning social interaction and life skills.  Expanding their world view through mentoring


Providing young people access to an enhanced learning environment that encourages academic growth.

Ministry Needs

To do great work, you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built empires, children still need a building to go to and an area to play and grow


Organized intramural sports such as basketball volleyball tug-o-war and softball, which promotes physical fitness while fostering teamwork, leadership skills and sportsmanship