Dr. Sheila Lynn Cappalo earned her Doctorate in Christian Psychology and Christian Counseling in August 2011 from Cornerstone Christian University & Seminary (Orlando, FL) because she felt the need to better know and understand mental and emotional issues from a Christian perspective.  She also earned degrees in Childhood Development & Psychology, with an emphasis on Behavioral Sciences. As an undergraduate, her work was published in the Southeastern Psychological Association Journal.

Dr. Cappalo has many years of experience working in the Secular world with, managing services for, and caring about troubled children and their

families, both in the community and in their homes. She has engaged in direct care services with troubled children and their families at the Learning Behavior Clinic while creating and implementing policies and procedures for the Clinic. She has also worked with Child Protection Services in the homes of children and families. She has spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical and behavioral health fields. For 6 of those years she taught as a Licensed Certified Pharmacology Instructor, while serving as the Chair/Program Director for all the medical programs. Because of her extensive background in Pharmacy, she developed a unique understanding and knowledge of pediatric behavioral medication management. Her experiences and direct observations over the years caused her to realize that she was simply "Putting Band Aides on deeply wounded families who really needed Open Heart Surgery".

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Dr. C! (as her students and families fondly call her) lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband and best friend, John Green and their two beloved dogs, Luna and Amber.

She has not looked back since!

Increasingly distressed by the silent cries of the spiritually heartbroken families that she saw around her daily. Dr. Cappalo knew she had to answer the call to do something radically different.  In 2010, Dr. Cappalo conducted an intensive study involving severely troubled children and their families. In a radical departure from the norm, Dr. Cappalo developed a therapeutic approach combining Faith Based Strategies with Secular Behavioral Modifications Techniques to help these children and their families. The results of the study were exciting which further fueled her passion and desire to help troubled families. But How? Although she is an ordained minister, she felt no desire or call from God to be another pastor inside of another building. Instead, God challenged her to get out of her safe and secure life in her church, leave her lucrative job in the pharmaceutical field and get into the streets where the families are. In the Spring of 2015, Dr. Cappalo resigned from her secure lucrative career, and stepped out on faith to follow God’s plan, which led her to work full time with her ministry; Hope for the Children Ministries.