Dr. Gladys Hayes-Whitfield has over 35 years of experience doing Counseling & Brief Therapy with individuals, groups & families with mental, emotional & substance use disorders. She has secular degrees in Psychology & Community Counseling and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornerstone Christian University & Seminary with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She is licensed as an LMHC in Florida, and an LPCC/SUPV in Ohio. She has extensive experience as a counselor, case manager, writer, teacher & speaker in both community & church.  Dr. Hayes-Whitfield has long been an advocate of integrating Faith-Based Counseling Techniques with Secular Behavioral Modification Strategies,

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combining both in her work and ministry. Her special interest areas are Christian/Faith-based, Relationship, Family, Adult ADD, Empowering Women and Cross-Cultural counseling. She is an experienced clinical director & administrator who enjoys creating and writing policies, forms and procedures. She has been partnered with HFTCM since August 2011, as the Executive Administrator and Family Services Director.

After commuting from Ohio for over five years, Dr. Hayes-Whitfield moved to the Tampa Bay area in late November 2016 to work in the ministry full time. Her son James, who is a lay youth minister, puppeteer and musician, moved with her as well, and he very much enjoys working with the youth at HFTCM.